15 June 2008

Standin' by God's river my soul's beginning to shake

So we didn't skip church this morning because we had to go see Raisin sing in his Vacation Bible School group. He was adorable. During the week the kids were supposed to bring in change for missionaries. Ollie's grandpa, Bubba, gave him 2 Crown Royal bags full of change a while back that Ollie's kept around. Well, what better way to get rid of it than to bring it to church? He could barely haul the things around, and he called it his gold, but donate it he did without hesitation. I was proud to say that my 4 year old marched into that Southern Baptist Church with those purple and gold bags bursting with gold. He wore his long pants and button down shirt.every.day.

After church, though, we went on a lovely Father's day canoe ride (not us in those pictures!). We swam and floated and sunned. After last night's drive in movie (which was way too violent, but that's another post), it has been an active dad's day weekend.