07 December 2008

Buckets of moonbeams in my hand,

Hola Sports fans (who used to say that?) A quick update on the life and times of the Rayburn household.

1) I am hand making TONS (or at least, I feel like it is tons) of gifts this year. And, so I have been boggled down with yarn, thread, and vintage materials! I can't post pictures because all of my dear readers are also getting the gifts. Maybe after the holidays :)

2) Our Christmas tree is up! We bought it here for $25 and sawed it down our own selves...

3) I've been cookie swapping and soap making, and lesson planning, pant, pant, pant...

4) On that note, we are looking for Santa to bring us a dog for Christmas. If you know of any, send 'em our way..

5) Ollie spent a good hour the other day trying to lasso the moon. He had all of his protective gear on including: knee pads, arm braces, and safety goggles.. He tried to maneuver the porch furniture so that he could climb on the roof and be closer after his failed attempts at climbing trees... Boy, I love moon catchers. So poetic. He was very intense and undeterible..

6) I can't wait to see the InLaws here for the holidays. Come one come all!


Bona Fide Mama said...

I enjoyed soap making with you and I can vouch for the fact that whomever is lucky enough to receive your gifts this year is going to LOVE it!! Hope the cookie swap went well. Oh, btw, the boy was thrilled with the books you sent home! So thanks for that!

Danielle said...

We can't wait to see you! Although, it won't be until the night after Christmas because I work stupid retail. Boo.