10 November 2008

Kids are strange when you're a stranger..

Okay, two quick things:

1) It is getting to cold to compost and my little hold container under the sink gets so very full before I feel like traipsing back to the way, way back of my less than an acre back yard. It's called sacrifice people..

2) Eli woke up at 3:48 this weekend screaming and throwing a 2 year old fit because he wanted a donut. Hmm.... Okay.... Nope no donuts in the house, can't help you bud, so please for the love of everyone in this house Go.back.to.sleep... He kicked and carried on for about an hour, but I guess he probably just tired of the moaning. He was inconsolable. I think he MAY have had 3 donuts his entire life, so who knows..


Bona Fide Mama said...

I'm having the same problems with my compost. And sometimes I get gnats because of it. blech.

And maybe Eli was dreaming about Ronin? :)

Sorry I didn't call you yesterday (I'm becoming that unreliable chick). Let's just say that my day included two bloody noses, five time outs, one pooping on a chair incident, and costumes covered in pee... like the whole bag of costumes. Sigh.

Tough Mama said...

Oh my word. What a day. Here's to a better one!