28 November 2008

I can drink like a fish, I can crawl like a snake, I can bite like a turkey, I can slam like a drake

I have survived yet another right of passage: The Thanksgiving day dinner. Finally, I have been promoted to a position of adulthood as far as holidays are concered, and I actually cooked the meal and hosted the party. We had 12 folks, all family, and tons of delicious food. The weather was perfect, and the turkey pretty moist. FYI- One should clean out that poor bird BEFORE cooking it. I asked friends, family, and even read recipes and directions, and not one told me I'd need to violate the poultry in such and obscene manner, but luckily I found out an hour into cooking time..

Tomorrow we head to Indiana to spend a couple hours with the other have of the clan. As for tonight, our Christmas tree is up, lights are shimmering, bellies are full, and everyone is lightly snoring. I am thankful for peace.