30 December 2008

And I in my armor, turning about

Have I posted pictures yet? Ollie wore this outfit for 2 days straight. Eli got matching armor. We don't do guns in our house, but even golf clubs become swords somehow.. Oh, yeah, they're boys.
Ollie's favorite person in the world. (Well next to Bubba, Papaw, Shug, and Sean.)
Henry Wilson Rayburn making himself at home in our Christmas wreath.
It looks dark in this picture because I may or may not have woken everyone up at 5:30. I was so excited. Also, these balloons were Eli's favorite Christmas toy. He's so easy :)

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Bona Fide Mama said...

Too cute! We don't do guns either but I can't exactly ban swords. They are literally laying or hanging all over my house. Luckily, sword fighting is a sport here at the Jones household! I bet your boys would like it here (hint hint, wink wink). We also do Karate chops and how THAT came about is a mystery.