21 November 2008

The one was Texas medicine,

Last night was date night and we found ourselves at the Ryman once again. Our ongoing discussion of this historical monument is that we wish bands would play somewhere else in Nasvhille. It LOOKS cool, but it is a total sit-down hush-hush kinda place. When you go see a rowdy texan, yee-haas and knee slappin' isn't all together out of place. People always say, " oh, I LOVE the Ryman," and I respectfully disagree. It's snoozeville if you like dancin' and carryin' on. Anyway, the show got me in the holiday spirit, and here is my F.A.V....More on the boys' new dos and our analysis of personality types based on the kind of hat you wear, Phish tickets that we bought, and how Thanksgiving is going to go down around here later.

And, because he played with an all star-cast including Danny Barnes, here's one from him, too. I love D.B. He played with a band called the Bad Livers. Who wouldn't love that? We saw him at Windows on the Cumberland a couple of years ago and we were practically the only people there, and it was great fun.

And, then of course good ole' Todd Snider was there to open up and he had a couple of the YMSB dudes playin' with him, and so here's one of their videos.

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