29 November 2007

Our Traditions

I have to admit that I check my own blog every once in while almost expecting that something has changed miraculously, and then realize that I am the only one that changes it!

Per a discussion with some friends, I began to ponder our families tried and true holiday routine. Like Evan's family can't have a Christmas without Angel bubble, cocktail shrimp and piles of no-bake cookies. Before Sunny (my grandmother) passed away several years ago, I guess we were pretty set in our way, as well. When you have kids it seems only natural to start building your own traditions. Evan and I really haven't yet done that. We swap families every other year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. What seems like such a simple concept often gets mired in conflict as we debate whose Christmas it is, and what that means for us schedule wise. When do we "do" Christmas with everyone else? So for a couple of weeks, I racked my brain trying to invent a tradition with the kids, or even conjure some constant. I have concluded that having the same food every year or even being in the same place is an idealistic and for us an unrealistic goal. Our tradition is change, travel, and flexibility. Evan and I have always been like that anyway, and somehow I forgot and started to get all wrapped up in mimicking what I thought was expected. I was actually stressed about Christmas and Thanksgiving because I couldn't please everyone, and that is certainly not the holiday spirit. So, here's to accepting our old traditions of staying flexible and being willing to get in the car and just drive.


Danielle said...

I know how you feel... I'm a people pleaser, and unfortunately it is impossible to please everyone, especially in-laws. Looking forward to seeing you, anyway!

Shug said...

Here, here! Why do you think your Dad and I ended up traveling to Meridian and Butler every year from no matter where we lived? How many holidays did we actulaly spend "at home"? (I only remember doing it because we HAD to in Okinawa.) Trying to please everyone is a real trap. I love all of you and am looking forward to the holiday (no matter when we do the celebrating).