03 November 2007

Missing music

Is something that pains me, yet is an inevitable by product of aging, mothering, working full time, and having one adult member of the family in college. I remember a time when we would go to a show with nickles in our pockets, hope to get tickets when we arrived, and gave little thought to frivolities like food or sleeping arrangements. Once, I pawned our microwave before heading out of town with no intention of buying it back. Oh how times have changed, and I have passed on several things in the past couple of weeks, that I would have liked to see. Like Blues Traveler, Robert Earl Keen, Mothers Acting Up (I know, not music, but money none the less), and the Americana awards.
On a positive note, we ARE going to Birmingham on Wednesday night to see my new favorite, Bright Eyes. Some things are worth the sacrifice.

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