20 November 2007

Green Quest

I am sincerely trying to lesson my impact and make better consumer choices this year. I have been inspired by friends and my recent readings to evaluate my daily life and decisions. In some ways, I cannot completely convert to leading a %100 perfectly eco-friendly life style because we are also economically challenged. I cannot, for example, run out and by a new Hybrid car nor can I afford to throw out working light bulbs to replace them with these. But, I can do small things. As I ponder what changes can be made, I realize that many times things that are good for the Earth happen to be good for our pocket book as well. The simple creed to consume less rings in my head. As I feel led, I will share with you my ideas and findings. For example, all my Christmas presents this year will be wrapped in Ollie and Eli's work that is sent home from pre-school. It is both colorful and delightful, and my word they pile it on. :)

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