02 December 2007

Which of these doesn't belong?

Laundry day falls on Sunday, and pictured below is always from the last load. Tedious, slightly different, stripped, shaped, and for different kids. A sock conundrum. Now, I'm no card-carrying red, but there seems to be some sort of logic to having only one sock choice at the store. "Equal socks saves housewives" should be my slogan. Identical socks could perserve time, sanity, and maybe even the environment as less socks would get trashed for lack of a partner. Yes indeed, universal same socks could save the world.


Shug said...

Your Mam-Maw once told me that she made all five boys wear boots. That way it didn't matter if their socks matched or not.... Maybe you could promote that idea.


Jennifer said...

I only own white socks. Well, I may have a pair of brown ones and a pair of black ones someplace. My husband has long and short white socks and long and short black socks. Janey only has white socks. And little Elliott has white ones and blue ones. We grownups have white underwear, too, but that's a whole 'nother subject.