17 November 2007

The Turkey's getting fat

And I am pondering consumerism and my footprint. How WILL my Christmas gifts affect the planet? How do I balance a single income household with environmentalism, caring for my friends and family, and being a responsible earth citizen? Why is plastic crap from China soo cheap? How do I bring joy to my family and friends without feeling guilty about our purchases? Oh my. Target and TJMax were packed today with thrifty shoppers. But who needs the crap you find there?
I come from a family where the motto is the more the better. Definitely quantity is better than quality, and I am starting to rethink those traditions. Ollie, at 3 is talking about getting tons of gifts from Santa, and I ponder our impact and pocket book. How do you balance Santa, the environment, Christ, and the Spirit of giving? I feel stuck in a conundrum of the holidays
PS. I have found kitty footprints on the edge of the toilet. And we let it mellow when yellow. Blech. Don't kiss the cat!

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