15 October 2009

Underneath the bridge where the water flowed through

This weekend, we welcomed a beautiful new baby boy to our family.
Congratulations to Aunt Danielle and Uncle Ethan.
This is how happy being with cousins makes Eli.
While there we went to the Covered Bridge Festival.
And though overwhelmed with antique vendors and funnel cakes, we did get to take an insiders tour of a real flour mill. We went to highschool with the owner, so when we ran into him, he gave us the behind the scenes view. It's good to know people.

Hannah Kay and Eli are inseparable tough guys.
And, Ollie was even caught smiling.


Sherry said...

Awesome!...and I see Ollie is still diggin' his cool vest. ;)

Tough Mama said...

We got that at a Thrift store here in town, and he will not take it off.. I noticed that he is wearing it in every post...We've tried to convince him of the practicality of the thing, or lack there of...