23 July 2009

Want me to fly like an eagle

The Rayburns are embarking on yet another adventure that many of you are already aware of: Homeschooling. We have been debating the issue back and forth in every which way for about a year now. The debate started for me anyway, when I began to actually work with homeschool families through my Spanish teaching endeavors. I fell in love with their educational experience. I could tell that the children in homeschool families seem to thirst for knowledge and education. I saw them enthralled, on bated breath to learn more. If you have been around Ollie, you know that he is the same way. He MUST figure everything out. He must know. He picks up things quickly and relishes learning.
And, I am a picky parent with the heart of a teacher. I have only encountered two teachers of Ollie out of many that have lived up to our standards of helping him grow. Only two that held high expectations, did not insult his intelligence, and with whom I learned to respect because of their educational philosophy and passion. I could not bare for Ollie to have a mediocre educational year, when I know in my heart and soul, that I can provide for him the opportunity to soar like an eagle. He deserves the best, and for now, this is the only I know to provide him with that.


Shug said...

PERFECT! This actually made me tear up. I am SO proud of all of you.

Bona Fide Mama said...

i can't wait to make this journey with you my friend.