09 July 2009

May your hands always be busy

Eli's hands, so soon to grow and shake off their child like nature. I love lately.
Today's homeschool lesson was Ollie led completely. He has been begging for 2 days straight to clothe his dear friends, Teddy and Fredly. They are pictured below, obviously thrilled with their new attire. Fred chose a tye-dyed beach look, while, Ted, always more serious, chose "work clothes" to match his bow tie. Both pairs classic draw-string style.

Ollie also took to quilting today, and stayed with it all day. I had a garage sale quilted looking handbag in the craft closet that I cut to be flat then hemmed. I showed him how to quilt along the pattern, and he is really into it. He is very enthusiastic and I believe he will finish this small blanket soon. I am threading the needle for him, but other than that, he is quilting in straight, neat stitches.


rowena___. said...

i love the new duds! and i am so excited to learn that ollie is quilting. the men i know who quilt are some of the best there are, far better than most women. :)

Shug said...

Sunny would be SO proud!