13 July 2009

In his garden flowers

I thought you might need to see a couple of shots from the yard.

I planted tomatoes late, so this is one of my first.
I love the smell of tomato vines.
And, I refuse to buy more stuff to garden with, so this forces me to be more creative with my lackadaisical method of staking. Real gardeners had the poles all tee-peed before season began, but me nope. I am to reactionary and impulsive and make do with a stick and an old t-shirt when the branches sweep the ground. Maybe one day...
I have never grown it, but I will again! I am so excited that it is growing!

Wanna guess what this is?
Tall, tall canas..

And a sad, unloved pepper plant clinging to life in spite of a pattern of neglect.

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rowena___. said...

beautiful, courtney! if it is any consulation, everybody seems to be having a bad pepper year, i think it is all the wet weather. mine are just now recovering from june's rains, they now have fruits but they are still dropping leaves.