29 July 2009

The ABCs of Homeschooling. Child initiated, led, and executed pictured above.

This is an illimunated manuscript page done at my friend and neighbors home. She has recently opened up a new studio where we are taking art classes.

Our family is famous (infamous?) for um, rescuing items bound for the landfill. My aunt (pronounced "aint") Cindy sent the boys a box each of art supplies that she saved from an immanent landfill death.
They dove right in, got creative, and are very proud of their art supplies. Ollie is even catching on. The above picture is done on the back of a piece of paper he had used for something else. Re-used. He has something that looks like an ordinary waste basket in his room, that is actually his "re-use" bucket. He keeps things in there he intends to reuse some day. I swear it must be in the blood.

Coming tomorrow: Evidence of science and socialization!


Ethan and Danielle said...

I love that he wanted to make the alphabet out of different things! We know he has his alphabet down; maybe next he can spell words out of different things!

Shug said...

hey courtney me and shug just watched that video on the computer I think it was cool love