23 January 2009

"I think I'll call it America"

Those of you that know, know that I am less than patriotic really, but lately, I have been proud of my nation. First, I am loving books on CD lately as I spend tons of time in the car. I have been listening to a book called Child 44 a murder-mystery-historical-fiction that takes place in Stalinist Russia. And, needless to say, the living conditions and fear and hate and paranoia and poverty in which the people lived in this time period not so long ago, very much makes me thankful that I am not raising my children in those conditions.

Secondly, Nashvillians just voted down a proposed English only bill that I was against. I pessimistically thought it would pass. I feel that our great city could of easily sided with clear racism, hate, and insecurities, and instead opted for safety, education, and compassion. Go Nashville, now go find something important to fight against like war, poverty, hunger, faith... (fighting against or for languages?? In the face of poverty, illness, environmental distraction?? Really???)

And, while I'm on a rollllllll, I very much enjoyed the inauguration, and relished the community sentiments, connectedness, and togetherness I felt this Tuesday. Classes and work stopped for those of us not able to travel to Washington to gape in awe at our Democratic process. I was proud on Tuesday of the possibility of hope. Don't get me wrong. I am wary, realistic, and on guard against empty promises by politicians of all shapes and colors, but it is a breath of fresh air to have our country almost collectively optimistic about our leader. I guess after Bush was elected a second term, I was apauld enough, my feelings hurt enough, that I sort of lost faith in the intelligence, compassion, and even the religion of our nation. All that has been restored in a single presidency, and people that I love and respect and think and pray think this guy has similar beliefs and intelligence, and I respect our nation for coming together.

Likewise, Pres. Obama commented on how many times in this countries history we have had a peaceful transfer of power, and yes, for that we are lucky. I would still move to Uruguay at the drop of a hat, but our lives here are so very good. Thank God.

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