17 January 2009

The dogs were barking, a neighbor passed,

Directions for getting rid of a paci:
Step 1: Don't ever let them use one in the first place. This worked for kid #1, but for some reason we were sort of excited that kid #2 liked his. Sort of. (Now after 2 years the thought of him sucking on a nasty piece of plastic that gets lost in the middle of the night makes me cringe.)
Step 2: Talk up the big boy stuff. Babies use pacis, etc..
Step 3: Let the kid throw away all but one so your entire night time existence relies on one piece of plastic. Caution: All H can and will break loose if you lose that piece of plastic amongst all of the other junk that goes into a household.
Step 4: Let the child make that one single paci look irresistible to the dog, but NEVER let the dog get close to it.
Step 5: Leave the paci on the child's bed and the door open to the child's room while no one is looking.
Step 6: Pretend to be upset and disappointed when the dog comes prancing out of the child's room chewing on the only paci left in the house.
Step 7: Let the child throw the paci away saying how totally gross it would be to use the paci now.
Step 8: Prepare yourself for a tiny bit of inevitable discomfort by the child that could last between 7 - 10 minutes after bed time. Crying, moaning, and claims of hunger, thirst, and potty needs are an unavoidable. 10 minutes is in fact a long time in this case, but since the paci has dog slobber all over it, there is no other option.
Step 9: Praise the dog for finally making a positive contribution to the household.
Step 10: Sleep.


Shug said...


Shug said...

I've warned the big boy not to get the extra pacifiers out of the drawer for Eli because I've thrown them out. His response--"He is too big for a paci now anyway!" How does he know about these things? He thought that it was funny that Wilson got it....

Melissa said...

This was GREAT!!!! Congrats....it was a long hard road for this family....we should've gotten a dog!!

Shug said...

I NEED new info..... I need regular updates.