22 January 2009

An' a fake beard plastered on her brow

Alright fans (ehhem, mom) A quick update...

Eli is potty trained. Sing it with me.. Poo-poo in the potty, poo-poo in the potty, poo-poo in the potty woooo-hoooo (hold your hands above your head at the end).. This song is a great way to encourage the kiddos. And, alas, we may never have to use it again. We have entered the ever so elegant phase of parenting wherein we find ourselves in inappropriate gas station and fast food joint pooping episodes that extend for 15 minutes that feel like hours of disgust and nagging. (what does that say? DON'T TOUCH THAT!)

I have been changing diapers for 5 years...Whew.

While on the subject of poop, let me tell you about a shitty morning last weekend. It all started with everyone piled in our bed on Sunday morning last. I smelled poop and of course put the pillow on my head hoping someone else would take care of it. Of course, they didn't so I drug myself out of bed to help Eli out of his predicament. It being a cloth diaper, I put in on top of the washing a machine because as I passed through the kitchen, I noticed that the cat had decided to poop in a plant over night. We couldn't start brewing coffee or making pancakes until all poop had been cleared from the kitchen. So, I did that. As I returned to deal with poopy diaper, I found the dog had jumped up onto the washing machine and was having himself a tasty morning snack, all of which was now in his beard. The children quickly named him Sir Poop Beard. So out the dog went until coffee was made and diaper was cleaned. I then had to bathe the dog and comb out his poop. Motherhood is so very glamorous.

On a personal note, I am slacking at updating because I am being artsy, thinking about writing a book, and in general finding the computer a chore...(Maybe Spring Fever)


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E2 said...

Hannah's first poop in the potty was at a disgusting Rural King bathroom. I have never been so proud!

Danielle said...

Spring fever? It's January! I want to hear more about this book, though.