29 January 2009

The drinks are ready and the dogs are going to war.

We are not strict vegetarians around here, but we do try to limit the meat intake and make healthy eating decisions. One of many "we will never"s was about serving hot dogs. Somehow the boys found out about them and fell in love. They order them to my disgust when we go to restaurants or when they are being served at someone else's home. They bug the crap out of me to buy them at the grocery store, and finally I relented with a compromise. I found that for about the same price you can buy these. And, they are pretty yummy. Vegetarian junk food is better than regular junk food, right? They'll eat the whole package in one day. Literally.


danielle said...

I can't remember where we were, but Ethan (of all people) tried a meatless hot dog once. He politely took one bite and held the rest in his napkin until no one was looking.

Tough Mama said...

I promise it is a mental thing. I didn't even tell them until they had eaten like 4!

Bona Fide Mama said...

My kids have only really ever had vegetarian hot dogs. We buy the Smart Life brand which is a ton healthier than some of the alternatives. Occasionally, if they are on sale, we'll buy the chicken hot dogs from Whole Foods. Those aren't too bad at all. I know how it feels for kids to "learn" about certain off limit foods. My son discovered chicken "mcnuggets" at a Mexican restaurant with his grandparents one day while we'd had to rush off to the hospital. I was crushed. He'd only ever had chic fil a "real meat" and then vegetarian nuggets from Trader Joe's. :(