01 October 2008

You play with my world like its your little toy

Okay, I know this isn't a political blog, and I do not want it to become one, BUT, please allow me to submit a couple of observations and solutions to our current bailout situation. Ahhhem,

First: There is this one Seinfeld episode (don't you love how many analogies can STILL be made to that show) wherein George was having great success in life doing the exact opposite of what he'd normally do. Well, I was reminded of that when our other George took to the TVs the past couple of days to warn of doom and gloom and we only have one possible far fetched, unplanned, unprecedented, tactic or surely we will all die. George has made this speech before, only it was for a war. Also, unprecedented, very far fetched, and very expensive and we are still bogged down indefinitely in it today. So maybe, dear friends if we do the OPPOSITE of what he tells us, life will be fine and dandy as it was with Castanza..

Second: If you want a real option and clear plan of action, please go here, read what Dave Ramsey says, and then DO something.

Third: Mom's suggestion was just to send everyone in the US 1 million dollars, let them pay off their own debts, invest in the economy, let the government tax it, and we STILL come out cheaper than the bailout.

Forth: Eli.isn't.sleeping. He woke at 3am this morning to play, and has since only cat napped in the car, and even now is yelling from his room where he supposed to sleeping, "Oh Courtney, I need you." (He calls me by my first name when he's serious.) (Oh boy I love 2) (And, this lack of sleep is the A #1 reason 2 children is enough.)


*j-u-l-e-s* said...

Yowza! I agree with courtney with politics!

To quote George (Costanza), "I'm Out!" (Leaving on the high note)

NO BAILOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ond oh my, your boys are getting gorgeouser by the second!

Tough Mama said...

I can't believe it! I seriously thought you were the OTHER Jules I know that seems um..liberal, dare I say. You rock cheeto..in many ways. Thanks for loving on the kiddos.