05 October 2008

Man came to the door, I say 'for whom were you lookin'?'

The art and science of door closing is soon forgotten when children move out of the house. I can open and close a door as silently as native Americans were said to be able to traipse through the woods. Closing doors is an afterthought, unimportant, and a reflex to those without small children. But, it is a much needed parenting skill. I wouldn't dare risk nap time or bedtime to the bathroom door. Am I being ridiculous? Is this one of those things that sleeping children should just become accustomed to? Has a child ever even woken up prematurely because of a door being closed in my house? (NO). But, for some reason, I shudder to actually hear wood and metal connect. Turn first, then pull, then slightly and gingerly let go of the knob, then tip toe away... (Or don't worry about it, it probably won't wake the baby anyway!)

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Kristi, Karim, and Samy said...

I take the phone off the hook and make Karim turn the TV down so low it's barely audible whenever the baby's asleep. It's just not worth the risk!