10 October 2008

Newspaper, newspaper, Can't take no more, You're here every morning, Waiting at my door

I have decided to turn off the news.
I am an avid NPR listener, but the economic news has gotten more prevalent and depressing than news of the war. The tales seem to be a self-fulfilling prophesy. I am not trying to be oblivious, but I AM a bit incredulous. My dad just got a great new job. Evan's job doesn't seem to be threatened. WalMart is packed. I just got a new computer, and I plan to drive to Arkansas today to pick the Raisin. I am getting new customers everyday. The "economic slow-down" seems a figment of my imagination. I am still marketing my booty off. If I never listen to the news, life seems peaches and cream. Maybe I am living in a bubble, but life is good, fall is here, and there are two children laughing hysterically in my house dressed as superman. What "depression?"


Anonymous said...

How are you man? Did you fix that storefront? Did you start that band?

Tough Mama said...

And I'm not pretending that it's all ok
Just let me have my coffee before you take away the day