02 October 2008

"Have you heard the news?" he said, with a grin,"The Vice-President's gone mad!"

Alex P. Keaton rears his head again in these parts. This could be an entire nature vs. nurture discussion. This morning on the way to school we had the following conversation:

Ollie: Where's Washington?
Me: It's the capitol of the US. It is where our leaders live and work, like the President.
Ollie: What's the President's name?
Me: George W. Bush. But, all the people in the US are about to vote on a new President. [cutting out the conversation on voting, and remember when you voted, etc...] In a few weeks there will be a new President that we get to vote on. Some people want John McCain to be President and some people want Barak Obama to be President.
Ollie: I like John McCain.
Me: Why?
Ollie: What's he like?
Me: (Trying NOT to make him look cool) He's very serious, and was a soldier, and acts before thinking.
Ollie: Yup, I like McCain. I want him to be President.
Me: But Obama is a peacemaker, he listens to other people's opinions before he makes decisions, he thinks before acting.
Ollie: McCain for President. McCain, McCain, McCain. He's a serious soldier.
Eli: (Finally weighing in to this intense political discussion) Obamamamamamaam. McCain loose, Obama winnnnn. (That's my boy!)
Ollie: McCain, McCain, McCain
Me: Oh brother!

I am almost positive that he asked his teacher who she was voting for as he stepped out of the car. She probably thinks we're Republicans. Oh the horror.


Angel said...

I love this! Nicholas, my son, just told my republican husband that he was a democrat and wanted Obama to be our president the other night. Poor husband is outnumbered here, but Nick and I are serious about our love for Obama.

Tough Mama said...

Good for you for standing your ground Angel. We should put the boys together for a debate and film them. I bet it'd be funny.

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

that ollie. i always knew there was something special about him. :wink