03 July 2008

So, this no shampoo thing is working out okay, and I am playing with the quantities, but it has stimulated more thought and disgust from me, too. I am baffled why with perfectly easy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly ways to clean ourselves, how in the heck the "beauty" industry has gotten so bloated and bizarre. Out recently, I noticed that almost every single person in the room had changed their hair in some way. Most had this fake looking color and hard gel or hairspray. It's a sham. If we all just stopped think of the resources, time, money, and chemicals that could be saved. We have the power to change the standard of beauty in this country. Appreciate naturalism. Just love it. Be disgusted by waste and poison in our environment and stop buying into the entire industry. It's really ridiculous. We've been duped. Your hair color is beautiful and perfect for you. You do not need prickly hair. If your hair is flat, I'm sure it looks great. If it is curly, wowee. Don't fight it. Just make a decision to be happy with what you have and don't judge others because they don't buy, buy, buy the latest shade of blond or streak in those shades of red. It isn't worth it.
Here's a recipe for shampoo that I got from my favorite book: Reader's Digest, Back to Basics. (I have the 1st addition)
Rum and egg shampoo for oily hair: Beat together 3 eggs, 3/4 cup of rum, and 3/4 cup of rose water and massage thouroughly into scalp and hair. Rinse with vinegar or beer if your hair is dark or the juice of half a lemon if your hair is fair.


Shug said...

NO! NO! NO! I am not ready for the REAL hair.


MamaAngel said...

courtney i am right there with you! i've gone from full on glam aveda employee to earth mama. and i am so glad! it took a bit of an adjustment after stopping the shampoo/conditioner/styling products b/c my hair just didn't look "done". But after awhile I thought "cool, this is what my hair actually looks like!"

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

oh but honey - you have not seen my non-prickly non-colored hair! (And if I had been around you recently I would have totally thought you were talking about me! :lol)