28 July 2008

You're very well read, It's well known

Summer reading list and reviews, by Toughmama:

Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit-Disorder: Last Child in the Woods
I love this book. It really reiterates what I was already thinking and gives credence to my hands-off approach to outside play. I try not to get up their butts, both so I can work, read, or relax AND so they can be kids. Our parents didn't have any problems with this philosophy (Aint Cindy used to LOCK us out of the house! And, I actually roamed around the woods when I was a kid, gasp, alone!) This book just backs up the obvious benefits to letting kids be kids, and I enjoyed it.
Now, sort of along those same lines, this book reads more like a work of fiction, but is relatively the life of Jeannette Walls, whom I'd never heard of before reading this book. In a nutshell: grew up poor, played outside, crazy parents, hit it big by working hard. Good quick read.
The Mother by Pearl S. Buck (an incredible woman as well):
This women, the main character, is the epitome of focused and hard working. Ayn Rand eat your heart out. Also, quick to read, but I feel inspired by this mother's diligence, outlook, and persistence.
Wicked: Gregory Maquire
Much, much better than my pals told me it was, and than I expected. I read the whole thing enjoying every minute. You never know what is on someone's inside or in their past that leads them to where you see them today.....
I guess part of it is that during the school year, I am too zonked to read or am grading papers at night, but I have enjoyed each of the books that I've read this summer. And, this one, too. I knew nothing of Pan Yuliang, but now I feel like I have the inside scoop. I love reading artists' biographies.
What should I read next?


Shug said...

You MUST check this link AND add it to your blog.

Mandy said...

Well, I have to ask... are you familiar with Anne Tyler or Elizabeth Berg? If not... there's your answer!

E2 said...

Saw this in Reader's Digest:


Type in a book you have read and it will suggest others you may enjoy.

MamaAngel said...

courtney i loved wicked too! i don't know what the other mamas are talking about, i thought it was a great book. i'd have reread it when you mentioned it the first time but i gave it away and never got it back!