12 July 2008

Falls on strangers, travels free

So, the other day I was flipping channels and stumbled upon a show that I used to LOVE. Quantum Leap. It sticks out in my head for sevral reasons, despite the cheesiness. You just never know how your actions and words will affect the future. You also just never know who you are dealing with. Now I don't believe that people that I encounter are on special missions from the future, but I do tend to believe that I can never know a strangers full story. Being kind and doing the right thing always has positive echos. I relish the romantic notion that there are people on this earth on secret missions to make things better for individuals and for humanity. A quote I have kept around for sometime now says, " Be kind. For everyone you know is fighting a hard battle." And, I know that to some extent this is true.

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*j-u-l-e-s* said...

i loved that show - and your commentary is so true!