08 May 2008

You see somebody naked you say who is that man..

In honor of my green post today, Ollie and Eli enjoyed playing in the mud and then the soft spring rain. I made them strip before trekking strait to the bathroom, and Ollie was the happiest I may have ever seen him. He was naked as a jay bird laughing at the top of his lungs in the rain, muddy as all get out. He peed with gusto, sang, and made mud pies. It was with sweet sorrow that I drug his lilly white booty in for fear of indecency and our neighborhood living. Such rebellion and glory in his sweet eyes. The day was followed with a good hard bike ride with the 2 showered pigs in tow. I love summer.

1 comment:

Shug said...

My questions are: Did you take pictures? Did you swear that the photos would NEVER see the light of day? Hmmmmmm.... Things change when you're the mom, don't they?