30 May 2008

Only one thing that I done wrong....

We're off to M.I. Crooked letter.crooked letter. I.Crooked letter. Crooked Letter.I. Hump Back. HumpBack. I. (That's Mississippi in layman's terms) today. Ain't Cindy (pronounced just like that) called this morning to check and see if I want any fresh basil, bell peppers, and tomatoes at the family re-onion. Yay! We'll all meet at Wanita (Of which I can find nothing about on the internet, but I'll post pictures) and eat, and eat, and eat.

On the way down, we are going to stop off and see Todd Snider play in Huntsville. I'll give a full detailed report upon return for there are sure to be stories to tell.

PS. My bike is my favorite thing in the whole world right now. As I set off to explore the neighborhood last night at dusk, I realized that the moments on my bike, riding hard, singing out loud in the cool evening air, are what are keeping me sane and happy these days.


Danielle said...

We now have a beautiful raised vegetable garden at our house, as well as a small herb garden with oregano, basil, rosemary, and thyme. We will have tomatoes coming out of our ears, along with many other delicious veggies, so hope you want some next time you come visit!

Tough Mama said...

I can't wait. I'm so PROUD of y'all. Remember, "NO MAGGIE" if you need!