20 December 2007

Travel Stories

The "worldest peach" AKA the big peach is on the way to Indiana, which we'll pass on the way to E3's on Monday. I am looking forward to Santa as all good children are. Santa will be coming to Uncle Ethan's. Last time we where there, Eli peed on the carpeted floor, I scuffed up the garage, our car broke down which set off a chain of events that prevented our hosts from getting a Christmas tree when they wanted, and surley the wonderful dinner that they served us could have better digested without our little heel nippers. None the less, they are having us back, and I only hope that this time we will be better house guests.


Danielle said...

All those things are small prices to pay for seeing you guys. We love you, and love having you stay with us. And hey, the garage is just fine and we had the resolve on hand. :) Can't wait to see you on Monday!

Shug said...

I want to see the Santa pictures, but it won't let me. What's up with that?

Shug said...
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