28 October 2007

A shout out to my mamas

In the beginning, I hated the computer and viewed time spent on it a waste, as much as watching TV. I couldn’t fathom spending time on one, communicating with people. I thought it was, well just nerdy. And then, I got really, really pregnant, and was under doctor’s orders to be on bed rest. I had never in my life experienced such down time, wherein I didn’t feel deathly ill. So, I ventured to try a chat group that the patchouli smelling leader of my child birthing class mentioned in class. That was 4 years ago, and I still check the mama board almost everyday. I saw a couple of the gals yesterday, and I was reminded how much their companionship and advice has meant to me as a mom. I appreciate so much that Angela has hosted this forum gracefully and peacefully with an amazing sense of humor and kindness. I love Sybil and Sara’s quick quips and am in awe of their 3 baby families, Karen’s generosity and time strapping in babies and Kim’s talent amazes me. I stand in awe of Rowena and Chelle’s artistry. I am humbled by Angel’s thoughtfulness, and inspired by Paige and Emily’s leadership and world changing actions. One day, I hope to be as accepting as Wendielu, as perceptive as Wendy, and I have never thought that evil Wendy really is evil, but instead see you as an ocean of wisdom. I am proud to know my favorite Cubana, the lovely and talented Brenda, and honest and sincere Cheeto. Heather has been a tremendous influence in the way I view children, and my role as a teacher, and Ginger’s perseverance and steadfastness have left me with a strong impression. Adrienne always fills my tummy and Diane makes me feel comfortable to curse. All of the mamas’ generosity astounds me. Your insistence on taking care of one another, and of the world as a whole truly restores hope in human decency and kindness. Thank you for your constant encouragement and endless opinions, prayers, and counsel. I am thrilled to see you all whenever I get a chance, and I can’t tell you how much each one have you have meant to me over the past years. You have helped make this adventure of motherhood so much smoother. I love you all. Even if your name wasn’t mentioned above, rest assured, I am eternally grateful for you.


Anonymous said...

What a really nice way to compliment your friends! You, more than anyone, know how much my friends mean to me. I am so thankful that you also have a group of true friends with similar interests and loves. I'm proud to call you my friend as well.


Ms. Booty Homemaker said...

YOU rock, mama. And thank you so much for the encouraging words-- a kindness bestowed when needed. You are cherished, you know.

*j-u-l-e-s* said...


how sweet

and we are indeed blessed to have one another!

angelfunk said...

Thanks Courtney, I feel the exact same way. Good seeing you the other day.

Anonymous said...

Oh Courtney that was beautiful thank you. We are indeed lucky to have one another.

And I miss you. It has been too long!