07 October 2007

The great clothing switch

So I finally did it. A chore that I put off until the Velcro won't stay closed anymore on the shorts, and finding the belly is as easy as you please. For some reason, changing out the kids clothes seems to be such a chore. Elijah was still wearing 6-12 month clothes due to my reluctance to change out. In the bottom of his drawers were crumpled up pieces of clothes that we couldn't even pretend fit. The whole ordeal took no more than an hour, yet it is the last chore on the to-do list always that involves emptying every drawer, a trip or two to the attic, and a pile that comes out of the laundry. One of the many benefits of having 2 kids of the same gender, is that we already have tons of stuff for the little one to wear. I got to oh and ah in reminiscence at some of Ollie's ole faves. (I'm saving the 6-12 monthers on the chance that E2 has a boy this time (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one)).

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like my way of mending when y'all were small--------That is, put it in the sewing basket with all good intentions of making repairs, but.... Well, kids outgrow clothing pretty quickly and then you don't have to worry about hems and buttons, etc. :-0