20 October 2007

The Cheese

A couple of years ago, Caleb, my nephew had a birthday party at ChuckyCheese. Ollie must have been 6 months old or so (or either 18 months, I can't remember, but not old enough to enjoy it). Anyway, we looked around dazed at all the lights and confused by the sounds and visions of little squirts super-charged on sugar and pizza with pockets full of gold coins. It was surreal, and I remember both Evan and I escaping as soon as possible shaking our heads in dismay and vowing to never go back to the Sin City for tots. But with so many things in parenthood, we ate our words, and took Ollie, now 3 1/2 back to that place. He was invited to a birthday party with some friends from his school. The boys had a blast (pictured above), I have to admit that I tossed a of couple skee-balls , and I love seeing O-Ray be social. I hear they have pizza, soda, coin specials, and maybe it isn't SUCH a bad place for a rainy day pick-me-up or for a no-mess-in-my-own-house kinda party. As we left, we did release a collective breathe of fresh air as the cloud of over stimulation lifted.

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