01 October 2007


Ollie got to go to his first festival this weekend, Mucklewain (turn your speakers on!) We had a great time. We left right after school on Friday, and rushed to Dickson so that we would make it in time to hear Porter Hall, Tennessee . As we were setting up the tent, O-Ray, of course had to poop, which he proceeded to do in this (which is way better than this.)grinning and comfortable as Evan and I put up the tent and EZ-up. Friday night held lots of good music for us. We met some nice folks, danced to great music under the moon, and curled up to sleep in the tent. Ollie slept like a rock never waking once, and I lay awake some of the night listening to 2 drunk guys outside my tent arguing about how lame the campground scene was. Lame for them, means great for families. (They left in their obnoxiously giant truck before the morning came). My favorite from Friday night had to be Those Darlins (seriously good music).
Saturday started with a quick trip to Antioch to refresh, shower, and squeeze Ligey. Among my musical favorites: Stacy Earle and Mark Stewart, Randy Boen (an old friend we were thrilled to see!), and Scott Miller. We were very bummed not to see Todd Snider, who headlined on the bill, but didn't show at the last minute. We left on Saturday night, and curled up in our own beds at a little past midnight.
All in all fun, fun, fun. Ollie is a rocker and a camper and could not make his parents prouder.

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Anonymous said...

Glad y'all had fun. Maybe Eli and I will come along next year....