02 July 2007

Summer Cuisine

Let's talk food for a moment, shall we? Tonight's dinner included: fried green tomatoes, stuffed zucchini (stuffed with garlic, tomato, capers, goat cheese, and onion), white bean/ mozzarella/ basil salad thingy, cucumber salad,french bread (of course), and stuffed jalapenos (stuffed with cream cheese, garlic, and a bit of Parmesan). I tried to have strawberries for desert, but Ollie overruled that decision, and we opted for chocolate pudding instead. All veggies organic and local :) I still have a fridge full of squash and zucchini thanks to Bubba. Off to make some zucchini bread!


Danielle said...

that dinner sounds FABULOUS! Can I get the recipe for that stuffed zucchini?

Mariposa said...

Yes! Email me! Or heck, maybe I'll post it tomorrow.