05 July 2007

"I like watermelon pie" and tales of the reluctant co-sleeper

Ollie says lots of interesting things throughout his day, and the above was stated just as randomly as the title itself seems. He may be the author of all of titles from here on out. Just so you are warned.
When Eli turned 8 months, I was really excited. Ollie began to sleep through the night unassisted when HE turned 8 months, and so I ASSumed that Eli would follow suit. I kept expecting it to be right around the corner. Eli is now 13 months old, and has yet to pass that landmark. He still wakes consistently 4 - 5 times a night, sometimes takes as much as an hour or so to pacify. When we are on vacation, I become the reluctant co-sleeper as our family often sleeps in the same bedroom. I actually like sleeping with him. Eli is one of those snugly babies that craves physical contact (aren't they all? Well, some more than others...) I really think he wakes and decides he needs a hug before falling asleep some nights. There are many theories and suggestions about encouraging a good sleeper, all of which I am happy to entertain. We are not cry-it-out people, as this really doesn't help anyone in the house sleep, nor am I comfortable putting him to bed before us in a big-bed with the intention of all snuggling up together later on in the night. Standing over his crib and whispering only infuriates the illogical creature and results in me being yelled at by an infant half the night. Oh shall I go on for the things we've tried. Mainly, we just rub our foreheads in desperation as we enter into the bedroom of doom and half way feel that we have some how failed something as parents that we have not trained a good sleeper. Once, I read a book where you could hire a lady to come stay with you for the weekend, and she would train your baby to sleep. Now that is a niche that needs filled. I told myself that I would train him to sleep through the night before school began again in August, and still we have made no progress. I think in the end, the best strategy will be for patience and vigilance to know that in the end, he'll sleep when he's ready.

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