12 July 2007


Ollie thought the above was a hysterical joke, and I have to admit, I do too! Again one of his crazy quotes. Señor for those of you who don't know, is our dog. He is so named not in relation to my Spanish interests as he has been around for longer than my college days. His name was chosen from this song. He is in doggy retirement in the country at my dad's house, where he now lives. So in a sense, we did drop him off in the country. He is extremely happy there. I know because my father makes me talk to him on the phone when I call. To the dog. On the phone. Now that is a little sillier than talking to a two year old on the phone, but I digress.
More sleep discussion: Ollie apparently had been playing with the alarm clock in Eli's room, so around mid-night last night, I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from Eli's room. I thought that I had diffused the situation without waking the baby and re-snuggled myself into bed. About 5 minutes later, I heard the same obnoxious tone, and realized that I had just pushed the snooze button. I had to go back into the lion's den, turn the damn thing off, and then resume sleep. Add that disturbance to the other wakings and I fear my end is not yet in sight! These children are so very perfect, that I fear I'll have nothing to complain about when they start sleeping.

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