26 June 2007

This weekend our family returned a huge favor by helping Uncle Ethie move to his new pad. (Though, I am not sure how much help a family with 2 kids under 4 are in moving situations, we sure enjoyed family time.) Ethan and Danielle still live in Evan’s hometown, Terre Haute, IN which is where I also graduated from high school. To me it is a very flat, corn-filled, railroad laden, grey town in the middle of the north. But to my in-laws it is a quaint, quiet perfect hometown. It’s all about perspective, no? So anyway, I was particularly struck by the oddity of Indiana when Sunday arrived. We had plans to settle in and play a little 90’s Trivial Pursuit, when the unanimous decision was made to purchase some frosty brew- which you can’t do on Sunday in Indiana. The boys made a B, double E, double R, U, N to Illinois to save the day. An hour or so later, upon return, Evan chuckled that though Hosiers are protected from the sin of private alcohol consumption on the Sabbath, they can in fact still purchase girly mags and adult toys from the 24 hour porn shops littered across the country side. Go figure.

On a side note, I was shocked at how much I don’t remember the 90’s. I graduated from high school in ’94, and seemingly this would have been one Trivial pursuit game that I could kick butt in, but alas, no. Too many Grateful Dead shows, I guess. When in doubt, if you ever play, the answer is probably one of the following: Madonna, RuPaul, or Compaq computers. (AND, the shoes I couldn’t remember are Tretorns!)

More on what the kids were up to tomorrow. Oh and no disrespect to any of my beloved Indianans or Hautions, as I am sure you could come up with some corkers about the South as well.

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