01 June 2007

O-Ray's first concert!

We think it's monumental! Evan and I have been wanting to take him to hear live music for the longest time, and last night was finally the perfect opportunity. We left Eli with Shug, and headed to downtown Nashville, sat under a full moon and jammed to Donna the Buffalo. There were several other families, lots of dancing, a glistening river, and one happy little boy. He stayed out on the town til 10PM!! He said several things that cracked me up. When the band struck up the first song, he exclaimed almost immediately, "we have this song at home!" He also looked around with amazement and decided, "this is like a festival!" And, last, but not least as we sat cozily as a family, he said, "look, my feet are dancing!"
I think the theme for the summer will be "packing it in" as I revel in the perk of being a teacher. Yesterday we also went to the local art museum, the Frist. Today was a pool party with some fellow teachers, tomorrow an ice cream festival, picking up my yummy veggies, and Cirque de soliel! House work and unpacking be damned!

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Fun, Fun, Fun!!