12 June 2007

Garage Sales!

The all-time perfect way to spend a hard earned allowance. Ollie now has 3 chores.

1-Get undressed and dressed with minimal coaxing and assistance.

2-Pick up toys, again with little coaxing and assistance.

And 3-Set the table.

He gets a quarter at the end of the week for keeping up with these chores for the most part throughout the week. This week, I finally remembered to give him his allowance as we left for yard sales. He let those quarters jingle around in his pocket almost all morning. He finally picked out a watch that was marked $1. The man gave him a bargain at 50 cents. He loves that watch. At dinner, when he spilled his milk, he looked down and said calmly, "It's okay." Evan and I agreed that it was okay, and Ollie said, "It's okay because it didn't get on my watch!" (I saw the watch, now not working, on his dresser tonight.) His second purchase was at the very end of the day and a large, dirty well loved digger. He is obsessed with digging in a bed of black mulch that I haven't planted flowers in yet. Him and Eli both come into the house looking like chimney sweeps, or as Ollie calls them, trolls. His last purchase that he used the last 2 quarters to make, he bought at a restaurant we went to before calling it a day was a super bouncy ball. It was the first time he has ever gotten to buy something out of those machines they put at kid level with crap in. Bouncy balls seem to me the superior of the knee-high crap, and I was pleased with that purchase as well.

I found each of the things that he bought to surprise and delight me, and I was pleased with his careful scrutiny of the items he chose. I was impressed that the items he bought didn't seem to be frivolous or spontaneous. He was serious, and sincerely loved every purchase he made. I think it says something about his personality, and I am proud of him. (Only a mother could be proud of such silly purchases!)

I made sure to remind him that his allowance was tied to his actions, and I have heard him say that this week. "That's one of my chores."


E2 the SIL said...

Garage saling must be in our blood! I have been honing my bargaining skills this summer. I find such joy in getting items for cheaper than the masking tape sticker price! I check your blog every day! So fun!

Mariposa said...

I'm so glad you do! One loyal reader, ahh, ahh, ahh (said like the count). Can't wait to see you this weekend!