20 May 2010

Sits with Utopian hermit monks....

So, I just canceled plans with wonderful friend.
For no reason. Wellll, it was for a reason. A very simple one. Overbooking.
We run our tails off as homeschoolers, and every once in a while we have to stop and take a few deep breaths. When planning our week, I generally separate our time into blocks of AM/ Afternoon/ and PM. Generally every evening Monday - Thursday is full of soccer or Spanish classes. Morning activities range from co-ops and field trips to play dates, volunteering, or lessons. ALL of our activities are valuable and fun. All of them bring us great pleasure and help us learn. I don't put them on the books if they don't. So it is both painful and with regret that I strike one of them from the books. Not to mention that I realize that our friends also maintain a delicate balance with their schedules and likewise make a point to include us in their daily routine. So canceling is not something I take lightly. I know what you give up, when you say you are going to meet us out. Just this week, another mom friend and I had to go back and forth about four times before finally squeezing in an hour and 1/2 nature hike together. Well worth the effort and time, but crazy that we have so much going on...I say this because I love all of our friends and obligations so much. They are a blessing and we would feel isolated and devastated with out each person in our lives, but we do have to cancel sometimes for our own sanity. Sometimes, once every week or so, we have to stay in our pjs, be home to air the laundry and bake, and lounge around and read. And truth be told, we LOVE our family time and our home. We yearn to be together when we are away. Our home is a haven for us, and on the weekends we cling to one another. My favorite moments are spent on a quilt in the backyard with all four of us engrossed in a novel. And, my favorite friends are those that understand and respect that, the ones that are still there when it it time to have others around us, the ones that take no offense to our hermit-like tendencies. Thank you for understanding.


Shug said...

Well said, Mom.

Sherry said...

I completely understand. :)