01 May 2010

High water everywhere.....

For our once a week co-op this Thursday (and at show-and-tell--- thanks for the idea girls!) we read a story about Diego Rivera, on of my favorite Mexican Artists.
I then took a copy of this full mural, Water, the origin of life, and cut it into a grid shape of 8 equal parts. Each of us painted a portion of it and then put it back together to form our own "mural."
I accidentally cut off the bottom two portions, but believe me, they were awesome.
Look closely at the top right to see a tiny girl foot print :)
Our water theme is appropriate giving our historical Spring showers today.

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Twig and Toadstool said...

I've never heard of Deigo Rivera...I do a little art lesson about famous artists, at our monthly Discovery Days...a gathering of homeschool kids from our area...I'm looking for some new ones to learn about...I'll check him out!!