14 May 2010

passion rules the arrow that flies...

For awhile, a long time ago, we had magnetic poetry on the fridge.
I imagine this was probably long enough ago that we actually had time to linger around the fridge coming up with haikus and witty word play. I have kept them in a junk drawer all these years, and have just pulled them out to use in our reading lessons. I divided them into parts of speech, and Ollie is making sentences with them, exploring reading and nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This sounded like a quaint little homeschool activity until I realized that we also had an adult version of magnetic poetry. I'll spare you the most explicit words, and just let you know that I had to sift through a few things that I didn't want them sounding out..I did however leave the pile of unmentionables sitting on a book in the living room. My bad, because inevitably I found words like bra, pubic, tremble, and nude spread across the living room floor and also stuck to the bottom of my feet. I will be passing these along, if any of you need them. Maybe this could be my version of a giveaway. What would you do with a magnetic version of passion and luscious? On second thought, I don't need to know what you would do them..

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