15 August 2009

Well, let the caterpillars spin, let the ferris wheel wind

Mr. Grouchy face in the car ended up having a blast at the county fair, aka the no-fair fair.
We got free tickets through Evan's work, and the Fair was PACKED full with educational opportunities. Above Eli is in the science center comparing wind-powered cars to solar powered-cars. In this station we also found DNA. Cool.

Above is Grandma Pearl who sat in front of the history museum complete with old fashioned ice-boxes and cassette tape. You know who is below.

We also got cheap unlimited rides so the boys rode a plethora of rides that did the same thing as this. We did the cars, motorcycles, boats, and bees. Plus the Ferris wheel and the bumper cars.
The simulated farm was well manned, well planned, and great fun. Complete with mini-ice cream sandwich as a prize at the end.
Cow milking. They did have to feed the cow corn, which I found strange. They said cows eat 120 lbs of corn a day. Corn?! Um surely, they'd prefer something unsubsidized..

Giant horse snout.

We also saw a BMX show and a dog show. So a day in the life of the Rayburn kids was pretty eventful.

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Ethan and Danielle said...

Looks great! Glad to hear the boys kept the name "no-fair fair". :-)