30 August 2009

And then you drift away on a summer's day where the wildflowers bloom

This is the weekend review: live from my back porch in lovely cool weather. I heard geese a moment ago, and I just spotted one, lonely firefly..
Pictured above a caterpillar that we found this week..
Why does this child ALWAYS pose like this for a picture??
It is soccer season again in the Rayburn household, and we are loving it. Ollie is of the older kids on his team this year, instead of amongst the youngest, so he's able to score more goals, know where the ball is going, etc. This week we had a game on Saturday and Monday, Evan has practice on Tuesday, then a game on Thursday, then a game again on Saturday! Phew! We are getting right comfy at the field..
Crepe Myrtle, Mum, Monkey grass, and sedum from my great grandmother, Mimi's old place are all in full bloom in the garden.
And, I am also growing children. Group picture from the backyard play group pictured above, and Pumps (aka Eli) in picture posing stance..
This we week we also rode the Rover to the library, followed a map, used the public transportation system, and had a blast.
On Thursday we went to Cumberland Caverns and explored the difference in stalagmites and stalactites with our friends..
And Friday, met with our new educational co-op to swim for a bit.
We are worn out this weekend, and so need to stay close enough to home to finish up some projects in our pjs, but I have a feeling education will find us even if we hide out!


Bona Fide Mama said...

whew, i'm exhausted just looking at that! it was a tiring week for us too.

Toni said...

sounds like a lot of fun. we are in soccer season too, it is busy. Loving the cooler fall weather we are having too.