14 August 2009

It was put together down in Argentina

My favorite lesson this week, though there have been several great learning experiences like: learning about Carolina Ferns, Mosquito Fish, Rams horn Snails, and Sun Fish with a fantastic group of homeschooling buds at the Discovery center, art class at the GoldenHouse Art studio, science experiments disrupted by the cat, blowing Ollie's mind with a number lines and thus discussing infinity and negative numbers, Eli completing his numbers workbook shown above, and swimming at Patterson Park community center, my favorite by far was an impromptu geography lesson. We picked up the above workbooks on the dollar rack from Target this week, and we love them. We chose the countries book, and dove in. Ollie has to practice handwriting in them and do mazes (which he loves). We then discovered that in Argentina the national game is called Pato. We watched a match on Youtube, and compared it to other sports. We then found Argentina on the globe, and compared it to Tennessee. Next we listened to Tango music, and then found it on the electronic globe pictured above that was a gift from grandparents that they scored at a garage sale. Next Ollie matched South America to the Animal Atlas that we found at a yard sale, and we looked at what animals can be found in Argentina. This includes a chinchilla, of which we have pet at our Discovery Center recently, also. Phew. All this took about an hour, but with each new unplanned development and discovery, I thanked God that I am able to watch the spirit of inquiry. Love my job.

PS. I am discovering also, that it is hard to have these "moments" when I over schedule the children. There is so much to do outside of the home, that my goal for next week is to spend more time at home. We'll see how that plays out, but for now I am marking things off the calendar.

PSS. I need a faculty meeting with other homeschooling teachers to chat about what we've learned and how we do things. Where's the lounge??


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lol, faculty meeting!!

Sherry said...

HA! :D I think we'll have to stick with a virtual lounge. :) It'll grow as we find more like-minded folks--which of course isn't easy.