19 February 2008

The Ying & Yang green weekend

So this week, I am sneaking my thermostat even lower. I was proud that we were keeping it at 68, and turning it off or like 50ish when we go out of town. Come to find out, that really isn't low at all! I think that I am going to turn it down by one degree every couple of days until my family senses something's up. So we are at a steady 67 now. Someone is home all day and practically up all night, plus baby can't be covered in blankets yet, so well leave it at that for the time being. We are installing a purple martin house this week, too as we prepare for Spring, yay!
On the flip side, Ollie's new fascination is Monster Trucks. Evan took him to a rally this weekend as part of a birthday celebration. I am sure the trucks weren't running on french fry grease, but they had a great time, non-the less. I am not entirely sure where Ollie heard about them, but, we'll live through this stage, I am sure. No way in H.E. double hockey sticks is the kid driving one of those enormoous things when he is a teenager, so he better get through it soon. He'll be walking. Or maybe we'll spring for a dirt bike if he's good.

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