24 February 2008

Consume Less

The most simple, yet profound way to save the earth and minimize our impact on the environment. I feel like most Internet advocates of saving the environment get caught up in product review, and though I agree that smart purchases are an integral part of small foot prints, I am underwhelmed by advice about which product is best. I am feeling disgruntled as I know that our family is not doing everything we can to be good stewards of the land, but every energy saving tip that I've heard, we already do. I always get excited when I see a list of things you can do to save the world, and then I realize that there isn't really anything new on them. We will continue to make major changes as our budget allows, like better insulating a couple of windows that aren't new in our house and purchasing a hybrid car or better yet (when I convince the hubby to change) one that runs on pure french fry grease. In essence, I know voting with your dollar is important, but, simply put, buying more in no way helps the environment, even if it is buying smarter.

On that random note, Nader through his hat in the political ring again today. I love his stamina and dedication to his message. I saw him speak once when I was in college, and I've liked him ever since.

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