13 February 2008


Yay! So, I have a little extra time during Sesame Street to catch you up on the best birthday party ever! Friday night, we welcomed Emo, Papaw, Ethan, and Daniel. Saturday was spent in a flurry of excitment preparing for The Pirate Party. I thought last year's crazy hat party was a hit, and it was, but this year was decidingly better. As the weather was warm, the party was outside which allowed the kids to run around like nuts without worried parents telling them "no" a thousand times. We walked the plank, tried to pin the eye patch on the pirate, played in the play house, swang on the tire swing, pulled ribbons off of a new fangled non-violent piƱata filled with 5 pounds of candy (your welcome parents), and had a treasure hunt. The pin the eye patch on the pirate wasn't really age appropriate, and most to the kids just stared nervously at me during the whole thing, but the treasure hunt was a success with the help of my 8 year old nephew leading the pack. I crumpled up a torn paper bag, ran it under water, let it dry out, then sketched our back yard marking the treasure with an X of course. The treasure was a bag of goodies for each kid that included an eye patch, earring, and various other pieces of crap probably made in China (again, your welcome parents). I still thought it was fun. Ollie was showered with gifts and everyone had cake and ice-cream while wearing newspaper, spray painted pirate hats.
After the party guests de-parted all the family stayed on to drink from our new keg-o-rator (thanks tax man) which we purchased and rationalized as being infinately better for the environemt and cheaper than beer bottles. Never have I fed 15 adults and several children impromptu, and couldn't have without the help of my family. My mom, step-mom, dad, brother, nephew, nephew's mom, and Evan's people all ate to their hearts content from my kitchen. We had grilled chicken, squash casserole and crowder peas frozen fresh this summer, organic greens for a salad and dinner rolls. It was really a success, and I was happier than I have been in a long time to have a non-stressful, non-planned, unprecidented family gathering in my house. It was delightful.
(If you're still readin, phew, there's more). Sunday led us to Chuck E. Cheese where the kids were inidated with bells, whistles, more cake, and toys. A birthday weekend to the max! Pictures in upcoming episodes. (mom, email some!)

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