30 March 2007

I'm back!

(The sunset over El Yunque, Puerto Rico. We really did see a school of dolphins as we neared the mainland.)

What a idealistic Spring Break in every way. I loved Puerto Rico with all of my heart. Every time I travel abroad I want to move immediately to the country, and Puerto Rico was no different. My favorite spot was a little island called Culebra. Here we found no fast food restaurants or billboards and plenty of unspoiled beach and relaxation. I am making a PowerPoint to share with my class about the trip (I know that I am a dork), but I'll post it when I am finished for your viewing pleasure.
The men fared well and the house was still standing when I returned. (Thank you Evan dear, Mom, and Dad from the bottom of my heart.)

View from El Yunque

Visitor at our guesthouse

Above: A blissfully lonesome beach on Culebra
La Playa Graffiti Old San Juan The Spanish cemetery at El Morro

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